Using Cloudflare Warp on Linux

Cloudflare Warp is currently not supporting Linux. However, since it’s just Wireguard underneath, we can still use it unofficially.

Install wgcf and wireguard-tools

  • Get wgcf from its repo.
  • Install wireguard-tools. I use Manjaro so I will use pacman for this pacman -S wireguard-tools.

Generate Wireguard config

You can now use wgcf to register, and then generate Wireguard config.

wgcf register
wgcf generate
  • register command will create a file named wgcf-account.toml.
  • generate command will generate wireguard config file named wgcf-profile.conf.


Now, copy the generated profile over to /etc/wireguard and use wg-quick utility to simplify setting wireguard interface.

sudo cp wgcf-profile.conf /etc/wireguard
wg-quick up wgcf-profile

Verify it’s working with wgcf trace or navigate to this page: The output should have warp: on.